music notes.

from the past week and this week:

1. i received in the mail some cds i ordered. there’s recent stuff from artists i’ve liked for a long time, including sparklehorse’s dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain (i want to interview mark linkous on this site in the future), iron and wine’s the shepherd’s dog, which has some of the best cover art ever, and heretic pride by the mountain goats; i by the magnetic fields, which i owned in the past but lost in a tragic battle with a car cd player (i will soon be singing i thought you were my boyfriend over and over until the end of time); pulp’s this is hardcore, which i can finally stop pretending i have.

2. speaking of the mountain goats, they’ve released a song from their upcoming collaboration with kaki king, an ep titled black pear tree. the song thank you mario but our princess is in another castle is sung from the point of view of toad.

3. aside from attending two braves games in atlanta in early june and vigorously checking box scores to see how my fantasy team, the muffin nine, is faring, i haven’t paid much attention to baseball for years, so it’s somewhat surprising how many times i’ve listened to the eddie vedder tribute to the cubs. i like when art (i almost said high art but caught myself, because even using the term art in reference to pearl jam can be argued; not be me, but i’m certain it can) and sports intersect (someday i want to write the great canadian novel, about hockey, and sell about seven copies). plus i like eddie’s voice.

4. if anyone who reads this is going to the magnetic fields show in either raleigh (preferable) or atlanta in mid-october, please let me know, because i’d like some company.

5. i’ll be in atlanta this coming weekend to see stereolab on friday night at the variety playhouse and do many other non-music-related things around the city.

6. my friend made me a copy of kimberly denise jones’s lil’ kim’s album hard core as a joke, but i’ve been listening to it constantly. i bob my head even though i understand, and this is being generous, half of the lyrics. there’s at least one song where i cannot even comprehend the chorus. it doesn’t matter though, because there’s a vision i am unable to erase from my head when i listen to her music: lil’ kim and i having sex. she would be wearing these to cover her nipples and a wig, turquoise being my top choice. a bearskin rug would no doubt be involved. so, queen bee, if i may call you that briefly, let me make one thing clear: i’m not looking to settle down, have kids and white picket fences, i’m here, to quote your old friend biggie smalls, if i may call him that briefly, for a t-bone steak, cheese, eggs, and welch’s grape. i hope you know what i’m talking about, because i surely don’t.


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