a phenomenon in the fashion world.

this afternoon i interviewed for an assistant management position with a retailer who, according to their website, is a phenomenon in the fashion world. they also, again on their website, assert that they are celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers. at this point i should probably stop quoting from their website for fear of reprisals, but i throw caution to the wind once more to note that, while walking around the store, i saw a lot of missing buttons. also i saw an older blond-haired woman with skin like dried papaya wearing an interesting variation on overalls — the legs ended at mid-thigh, quite becoming on a sexagenarian, and the bib, i swear, was modeled to appear sexy (according to wikipedia, and more accurately a user named amybeth, who thinks she is way funnier than she actually is, these may be called shortalls). i don’t need to tell you that this trend-saavy woman’s hair was styled like a waterfall.

possibly the best part of the interview was when i was asked about the clothing company theory.

me: it’s men’s and women’s, mostly sportswear, but a few pieces of suiting as well.
district manager: is that something you’re into? sports?
me: no, no, sportswear as in casual, everyday clothing.

for those that didn’t find the above conversation funny on account of never having spent time working in retail, i feel i shouldn’t end now. let me backtrack then: i arrived at the designated place at the designated time where i was, first, told that the district manager was running late and, then, the entire story was changed, i was told that i had come to the wrong mall. i asked if she was there, at the right mall, to which the co-manager said she was on her way. mind you, at this point it was over thirty minutes after our scheduled meeting. i drove across charlotte, arriving at the new designated place slightly before the district manager, who still told me that she would interview the other candidate first since i was so late. on the way to her office, which was actually a back room with two folding chairs, a computer, and boxes of clothing with people vigorously folding and hanging, she pointed out how i had gone to the wrong place. she repeated this fallacy twice more during the interview.


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