on the subject of dave grohl.

i’m usually not the kind of person who gives his audience what they want, but there’s been an overwhelming trend on which i feel i must comment. over the last few weeks, solely due to this entry, a large portion of my readership has found this blog by typing something about dave grohl into search engines. honestly, i cannot comprehend this phenomenon — how is it that the man is this relevant? when did the foo fighters release their most recent album? (apparently echoes, silence, patience & grace came out 25 september 2007, not as far back as i would imagine) — but i relent nonetheless.

let me take this opportunity, then, to thank those that have discovered my writing after initially searching for dave grohl smoking, dave grohl hair, sexy dave grohl, dave grohl tattoo, dave grohl tribal tattoo, dave grohl tattoos, dave grohl wig (no doubt for halloween), and, my personal favorite, dave grohl crying — and have, thus, returned here again and again. keep in mind most of those phrases showed up multiple times (yes, four people want to see poor dave grohl weep).

let me please also take this opportunity to thank those that will inevitably come here in the future in need of the latest news and information  — and be disappointed. this site is quickly becoming the number one source on the internet for mentioning dave grohl yet not providing anything substantive about the man himself, not even rumors and speculation. i intend to keep it that way.

post script: now that i’ve given in to your demands, at least one of you needs to click on the link above and buy the album. i have bills to pay.


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