hard words, soft words.

over time our associations to things change due to our experiences. there are songs that mean a lot, that we listen to on repeat, during a relationship, that bring tears when we hear them again, years later, after the heartbreak brought on by the dissolution of the former connection. many are the ertswhile insignificant gestures that now are drenched with nostalgia and conjure up some positive or negative memory from the past. the meanings of words, too, can evolve by simply going about our daily lives and reacting to stimuli.

for instance, a year ago jejunum was my favorite part of the small intestine, if not the human body as a whole (loop of henle, mitochondria, and islets of langerhans get consideration, not to mention the more renowned but no less deserving medulla oblongata), but after watching the insertion of six separate feeding tubes into my mother — the last two of which were placed into her jejunum in order to bypass her stomach — and their subsequent failure, i’ve decided to place duodenum in the top spot.


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