to the lighthouse.

my mom was taken by ambulance to beacon place, leaving home for the last time. all the rooms are named after lighthouses, hers after one in key west. by the front door, there is a glass cylinder filled with pebbles, each one representing someone who died there last year. a similar glass vessel collects stones from the current year. i tried to create a math formula using the number of beds (fourteen) and the number of elapsed days in 2009 (nine), but all the calculations were too depressing even before factoring in the number of polished death-pebbles (a lot).

william faulkner writes, in the wild palms, between grief and nothing, i will take grief. i agree with his choice, however difficult it is to face at the moment.


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One Response to “to the lighthouse.”

  1. lefaive Says:

    i’m assuming that faulkner wasn’t a practitioner of self-injurious behavior (‘i just need to feel something’).

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