my sister says that i am a magnet for interesting people. as proof, glimpses of two that have crossed my path recently.

1. when i told him i was from charlotte, he said that he had lived there once, then corrected himself, saying it was actually rock hill, south carolina, but he had been to charlotte many times. my son loves the panthers. we watch them on tv. he loves when that thing roars. we watch the commercials too. later he addressed me with, billy graham parkway, driving to the airport, charlotte, north carolina. i didn’t stick around long enough for him to site other landmarks.

2. a man came into my mom’s room in a fury, emptying some containers and refilling others. as he reached the door to leave, he spun around to introduce himself. his name is george but most call him g-man. i didn’t take the bait when he told me that people always ask him for his life story. he jogged across the room and gave me his business card, before pausing at the door again to announce that he is a witness.

his card reads g-man talking and contains the address for his website. after years of drug and alcohol addiction he prayed to god for help. two years later his daughter wrote to express her burgeoning pride. he speaks at high school graduations, operates a mobile auto detailing and pressure washing service, and models for a cosmetics company. some nights he empties my mother’s catheter and flushes the collected liquids in the toilet.


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2 Responses to “absurdities.”

  1. BreakerBaker Says:

    I thought those two were the same guy.

  2. scott lefaive Says:

    because you had heard the stories before or because my writing is vague?

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