on personal growth and self-improvement.

in a friend’s room, i noticed an open box containing two semi-rigid domes with rims filled with silicone gel. when i went to touch it, i was chastised, she saying that it was not a toy. rather it was a type of bra, the brava breast enchancement and shaping system to be exact, which applies a gentle three-dimensional pull, causing the body tissue to grow under sustained tension. the system includes a sports bra to hold the domes in place and the unoriginally-named smartbox which constantly regulates the optimal pressure within the domes.

asking about her success, she prefaced her response by saying that she was supposed to wear the device for ten uninterrupted hours every day for ten to fourteen weeks (initial enlargement is due almost entirely to swelling, while true growth occurs with intensity and duration of use). obviously this regimen with its concomitant curfews made maintaining a social life difficult. she confided that she was often forced to leave gatherings unexpectedly to return home.

have the results been worth the effort? she told me before she began treatment her chest was just nipples and now, following six months of fairly regular application, she had a little something more. i remained skeptical, not so much of the results, as i was inclined to believe her, but of the frivolity of the endeavor. she asked how i would react to being born with a two-inch penis, if i would sit idly or research every method of supplementing its length.

it’s true that i possess a wealth of creativity. it’s not hard for me to imagine the sensation of my feet on the surface of the moon or the fear and exhilaration of a baby robin leaving the nest for the first time or being buried alive, but, when it comes to the question of living with a small penis, the jury is decidedly hung.


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2 Responses to “on personal growth and self-improvement.”

  1. bree Says:

    is this post simply to alert the world that you have a large penis?

  2. scott lefaive Says:

    this post is about the brava bra. the entry about buying magnums was to alert the world of my penis size.

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