faith in nothing.

i recently saw a new commercial for canada dry ginger ale in which the announcer intones that it might surprise us to learn that the drink is made from real ginger. this perceived revelation struck me for two reasons:

1. why wouldn’t we expect ginger to be an ingredient in ginger ale? coca cola doesn’t have to come out and say that their beverage is derived from kola nuts. however, i would honestly be amazed if, say, mountain dew revealed that they undertake a painstaking process of collecting tiny drops of moisture on everest or that sprite was made from pixies or 7up from schoolchildren who put their heads on their desks while lifting an arm.

2. is this a selling point for some people? i cannot see a man looking over at his wife at the grocery store and saying, hey, do you remember that pop with real ginger in it? the kids have been talking about it nonstop; you know it’s their favorite reed-like plant.


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One Response to “faith in nothing.”

  1. Angie Says:

    ahh the irony.

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