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trying to see through their lenses.

7 November 2008

the interview was going well (really well, in fact) until the questions turned to my clothing choices. while i was aware that the company had a strict black-and-white dress code for its employees, i opted not to adhere to it considering i was still in the interviewing stage.

what made you choose this outfit?
i wanted to stay close to a black-and-white color pal…
so you knew you had to wear black and white here?

this line of questioning obviously caught me off guard. after all, i wouldn’t apply for a job at burger king wearing one of their uniforms, though, now that i’ve written that out, when applying for a job at a bank, for example, we know not to dress outside certain known constraints, so maybe i was in the wrong. by no means was my outfit outlandish however. i wore a white shirt and black jacket, charcoal moleskin trousers (you can’t wear those pants to work, she said), black loafers, and an orange tie with clouds and blue airplanes (you don’t have to wear a tie to work and you definitely cannot wear that one though i like it very much). if it hadn’t already gotten ridiculous by this point, i would say this is when it started to get ridiculous: you can’t wear those socks to work. my socks could only have been visible to her for an instant if she tilted her head in a certain, likely painful, manner and kept it there, like a nature photographer waiting motionless for a quick glimpse of a previously unknown behavior, but even more shocking is that she felt the need to make a comment about how my almost entirely black socks had a few stripes of olive and dots of pale gray.

the point she was trying to make, i would find out, was that my dress made her wonder whether i even knew what all black and white meant, ironic coming from a woman whose skirt was beige with black painted owls. i pointed this out during one of our less amiable exchanges.

black, white, and beige dress code, then?
well, as a regional manager, i don’t have to stick to that.
but those who don’t work for you do?


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